Dive into the Delights of Coastal Living!

Day 1 at Boatman's Steps. Dive into the Delights of Coastal Living!

Ahoy, adventurers and seaside seekers! Let's embark on an unforgettable journey through Polruan's most charming spots. With just one day, you can soak up the sun, relish local cuisine, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Cornwall.

  1. Morning Dip & Shower: Start your day with a splash! Dive into the invigorating waters of the sea. It's a tad chilly, but hey, you're on holiday. Why not embrace the rush? After your brisk swim, warm up with a delightful outdoor hot shower. You'll step out feeling refreshed and exhilarated, ready to take on the day.
  2. Hall Walk to Fowey: It's time to stretch those legs! The scenic hall walk to Fowey is a visual treat, weaving through woodlands, open fields, and offering stunning river views. Clocking in at around 2 hours, it's a picturesque trek that ensures those calories are well-spent. And speaking of spending, once you arrive in Fowey, there's a delicious reward waiting.
  3. Lunch in Fowey: Rumbling tummies, rejoice! Fowey boasts a plethora of scrumptious eateries. If you're in the mood for something lavish, slide into North Street Kitchen and order their famed oysters. Alternatively, pop over to Sam's and get lost in the rich, creamy flavours of their renowned chowder.
  4. Easy Ride Back & Lazy Afternoon: Catch the passenger ferry back to Polruan. This relaxed trip allows you to take in the bustling harbour scenes and maybe even make a feathery or finned friend along the way. Once back, it's all about leisure. Lounge on the terrace with a good book, or while away the afternoon watching sailboats gracefully race each other.
  5. Evening Fish & Sunset: As dusk approaches, grab your fishing rod, a thermos (or perhaps a cheeky can of your favourite beverage) and make your way down to the Blockhouse. With the golden hues of sunset as your backdrop, cast your line and wait for a nibble. If you're in luck, sea bream or bass might be your evening catch.
  6. BBQ Night under the Stars: What better way to end the day than with a sizzling BBQ? Get ahead of the game by ordering some succulent cuts of beef or the mouth-watering sausages from Kittows farm, ready for collection at the Polruan store. Spark up the BBQ, set your playlist to 'chill', and let the aroma of grilled delicacies fill the courtyard. Here's to good food, great company, and the magic of Polruan!

So, there you have it – a perfect day in Polruan! But this is just the beginning. The joys of coastal living beckon. Dive in and discover them all!

Luxuriating in Lantic Bay's Beauty

Day 2 in Polruan: Luxuriating in Lantic Bay's Beauty

Top of the morning, seaside enthusiasts! Day two is upon us, and Polruan has even more Cornish charms to unveil. With Lantic Bay on the itinerary, you're in for some stunning views, delightful indulgence, and quintessential British beach vibes.

  1. Lazy Morning Delights: Who said vacations are for early risers? Stay wrapped up in those cosy sheets a tad longer today. As for breakfast, think flaky, buttery pastries from Kitty's. Pair that with the day's newspaper from Polruan stores, and you're all set for a laid-back start. And here's a pro tip: while you're at the store, grab some sandwiches and pasties for later. Trust me, you'll thank yourself when lunchtime rolls around.
  2. Trek to Lantic Bay: Alright, it's time to lace up those trusty walking shoes. Set your sights on the stunning Lantic Bay via the South West Coast Path. It's a 1.5-hour jaunt that promises rewarding views every step of the way. Mind you, there's a bit of a steep descent to the beach, but oh, is it worth every bead of sweat! If a full trek doesn't appeal, hop in the car and drive up to the car park near the bay.
  3. Beachy Bliss: Lantic Bay is every beach lover's dream come true. With breath-taking scenery as your backdrop, indulge in a rejuvenating swim. Dig into that pasty you smartly snagged earlier. Oh, and for our four-legged friends? This beach gives them two paws up!
  4. Afternoon Chill: After all that excitement, it's time to wind down. Dive into our collection of puzzles and board games. Fancy a round of Cornish Monopoly? Or how about channeling your inner ornithologist? Grab our bird-watching book and see how many feathered friends you can spot from the window.
  5. Evening at The Lugger: When the stars begin to twinkle, make your way to The Lugger. This place isn't just about the ambiance; the food and drinks are the real stars. Slake your thirst with a refreshing pint of Korev, St Austell Brewery's crisp local lager, or get a taste of Cornwall with the iconic Rattler cider. As for the grub? We're a tad partial to the Moules Marinière, but honestly, you can't go wrong with any choice here.

And just like that, day two wraps up. Polruan's magic is undeniable, and the best bit? There's always more to explore tomorrow! Cheers to Lantic Bay and the memories made.

Charting the Waters and Charms of Fowey

Day 3 in Polruan: Charting the Waters and Charms of Fowey

Ahoy, sea lovers and Fowey fanatics! Day three beckons with the promise of nautical adventures and coastal culinary delights. With Fowey's shimmering waters and hidden gems on today's menu, you're in for a treat!

  1. Morning's Gentle Call: Imagine waking up, not to an alarm, but to nature's own soundtrack: the gentle lapping of waves on the beach. Pure serenity. Breathe it in.
  2. Set Sail with Fowey River Hire: Ready for some maritime fun? Give Steve a ring at Fowey River Hire and book yourself an hour-long boat rental. Here's a handy hack: one of you can hop on the passenger ferry to Fowey and pilot the boat to pick up the rest of the crew at the Polruan Pontoon. High tide lets you roam further, so it's wise to plan accordingly. An hour gives a great taste of the area, but if you fancy the idea of mooring up and feeling every inch the local, consider renting for a bit longer.
    • Highlights of the Trip: You'll have the chance to glimpse the intriguing china clay docks and explore the Pont inlet, especially when the tide's in your favour.
  3. Lunchtime at Fowey: Once you've safely docked your boat back in Fowey, it's time to refuel. The pasty from the Quay Bakery is a delight not to be missed, a true Cornish classic that's sure to satisfy.
  4. Readymoney Cove Wonders: A short stroll away is the serene Readymoney Cove. With its tantalising café and well-stocked shop boasting an array of delightful gifts, it's a must-visit. The sandy shores beckon families, especially those with younger children. Fancy a swim? Venture out to the floating pontoon, then reward yourself with a comforting cup of tea from the adjacent shop.
  5. History at St Catherine's Point: Before you depart, weave a tad of history into your day. A brief hike up to St Catherine's Point reveals old guns and ramparts, whispering tales of times gone by.
  6. Evening Joys in Polruan: Saunter back to Polruan and make a pitstop at The Russell. Challenge your mates to a game of darts or pool while sipping on a chilled pint. Then, it's back to home base. Revel in the camaraderie around the banquet-style seating, serving up a delicious home-cooked meal. End the evening with a classic film or another round of board games in the living room.

Day three's sun might set, but the memories remain vivid. Here's to the vibrant hues of Fowey, the salty breeze of Polruan, and the adventures yet to come!

Polperro, Looe, and Monkeying Around

Day 4 in Polruan: Polperro, Looe, and Monkeying Around

Morning, explorers! Day four promises a mix of coastal charm, nostalgia, and some proper monkey business. Today, we're diving deep into the heart of Cornwall, embracing the quirks and wonders of Polperro, Looe, and the fantastic Monkey Sanctuary.

  1. A Car Park with a View: As you roll out from Polruan, take a moment to appreciate our car park. I know, car parks aren’t typically things to write home about, but trust us – it might just be the UK’s most scenic! And if you're lucky, you might catch the sight of a clay boat or a majestic cruise liner entering the harbour.
  2. Picturing Polperro: Driving eastward, you'll soon reach Polperro. Leave the car at the village car park and stroll the 750m down to this ancient fishing village. With its narrow winding streets and quaint cottages, it's like stepping into a postcard.
  3. Artistic Ambiance: Polperro boasts a rich artistic heritage. The village is dotted with galleries, where you can admire works from local artists. If your tummy starts to rumble, swing by Kitty's Lobster, Crab & Seafood Shack or relish a hearty meal at the Blue Peter Inn.
  4. Lovely Looe: Next, onto Looe! Wander its charming streets, take a lazy stroll on the beach, or indulge in a spot of shopping. There's plenty for little ones, thanks to a range of delightful children's shops. Don't miss the farm shop, and if you fancy a unique local treat, Purely Cornish Deli sells cider by the milk jug – now that's authentically Cornish!
  5. Nostalgia Hits at Riverside Amusements: Seeking a trip down memory lane? Head to the Riverside Amusements. From arcade games to those classic claw machines promising soft toy wins, it's a nostalgic wonderland. Let the kids (and, admit it, the adults too!) try their luck while you enjoy the serene sight of boats floating in and out of the harbour.
  6. Primate Playtime: Now, for a dose of furry joy! Swing by the Wild Futures' Monkey Sanctuary and be greeted by a variety of content primates lounging about. It's not every day you get to witness monkeys in such a caring environment.
  7. Polruan Peace: After a day brimming with discoveries, return to Polruan's comforting embrace. Settle down on the terrace with a well-deserved G&T in hand. As the sun dips, painting the skies with hues of gold and pink, reflect on the day’s adventures and toast to more memories yet to be made.

Another splendid day in the books! From coastal villages to playful primates, day four had it all. Cheers to Cornwall and its endless surprises!

A Maritime Journey with Beachside Treats

Day 5 in Polruan: A Maritime Journey with Beachside Treats

Hello, adventurers! Rise and shine! Today’s itinerary is packed with maritime mysteries, sandy toes, and some mouth-watering pitstops. Whether you’re a history buff, a beach bum, or simply craving some Cornish treats, today's sure to tickle your fancy.

  1. A Scenic Start: Alright, folks! Time to hop into the car. You've got two delightful options here: take the car ferry from Bodinnick across Fowey, or for those who fancy a slightly more scenic route, travel up the estuary to Lostwithiel. If you choose the latter, do make a pit stop at the antiques shops – you never know what treasures you might stumble upon!
  2. Charlestown Charm: Your first official stop for the day is Charlestown. As you park up and wander around, you'll quickly realise that this picturesque village is a living testament to maritime history. If you’ve got an appetite for adventure, the shipwreck treasure museum is a must-visit. Oh, and for all the Poldark aficionados out there, keep your eyes peeled – you might just recognise some familiar spots!
  3. Polkerris Pleasures: Next, steer your wheels towards Polkerris. A word of caution – the road’s a tad narrow, but hey, it’s all part of the Cornish charm, right? When you finally arrive, you’ll be rewarded with the sight of a snug little beach that promises relaxation and rejuvenation. Hungry? Well, you're spoilt for choice! There's the iconic Sam's on the Beach – make sure to book ahead, their tables fill up faster than their pizzas bake! For those in the mood for something different, The Rashleigh Arms is just around the corner, offering delectable dishes. And if the stars align, you might even find the mobile sauna gracing the beach – talk about a hot treat!

All in all, Day 5 promises a blend of history, scenic beauty, and gastronomic delight. From the historic lanes of Charlestown to the cosy corners of Polkerris, there’s no better way to immerse yourself in Cornish culture.

Alright, lovely folks, here’s to another day of Cornish wonders! As you tuck into your dinner at Sam's or Rashleigh, take a moment to appreciate the maritime magic that surrounds you. Tomorrow awaits with more adventures, but for now, let's bask in the beachside bliss!

Literary Strolls and Grand Lounging

Day 6 in Polruan: Literary Strolls and Grand Lounging

Hey, wanderlusters! It's Day 6 of our Cornish adventure, and we've got a beautiful blend of literature and luxury lined up for you. From walking where legendary authors once strolled to indulging in the crème de la crème of Cornish cream teas, today promises a unique mix of delights. Ready to stride and spoil yourself? Let's dive right in!

  1. Gribbin Head Galore: First things first – gear up with your backpack, we're setting out to Fowey! Today's chosen trail is the Gribbin Head walk. Although it's just 4 miles, it promises an enriching experience. Why, you ask? Because you're literally retracing the steps of the literary genius, Daphne Du Maurier. She called Menabilly home for 26 long years, and as you take in the spectacular views, you'll undoubtedly feel the inspiration that flowed through her veins. One can only wonder if the rolling hills and endless coastline were the muses behind her iconic tales.
  2. Lunch with a Luxurious Twist at Fowey Hall Hotel: After you've had your fill of literary vibes, make your way back to Fowey. But don't rush, because awaiting you is the recently revamped Fowey Hall Hotel. And trust us when we say, their cream tea is nothing short of legendary. We're talking freshly baked scones, the creamiest of clotted creams (jam first, of course – this is Cornwall after all!), and a setting that's straight out of a storybook.
  3. Spa-tacular Afternoon: If the walk has left you with a longing for some TLC, then the Fowey Hall Hotel spa is your sanctuary. From massages that melt away every ounce of tension to treatments that'll have you glowing, it's pampering paradise. And if the Cornish weather decides to play spoilsport? No worries, the heated pool has got your back. If you're holidaying with the little ones, the family-friendly vibe of the hotel is a godsend, with a creche that'll keep them entertained while you unwind.

So there you have it, the perfect day 6! From literary paths to lavish pampering, it's a day where history meets luxury. Cheers to a day filled with footprints and fabulousness!

Beachy Bliss and Cornish Classics

Day 7 in Polruan: Beachy Bliss and Cornish Classics

Alrighty, adventurers! As our week in magical Polruan comes to a close, we're taking things down a notch. Yup, it's a day dedicated to sun, sea, sand, and, well... some scrumptious Cornish delights! No packing, no planning, just pure, unadulterated relaxation. So, sunscreen up and let's hit the beach!

  1. Keep it Local at Boatman’s: Ever heard the saying, "the best adventures are often found in your own backyard"? Well, the essence of this day is just that! No need to venture too far; the magic is right here in Polruan. Let the day's rhythm be set by the waves and the warm Cornish sun.
  2. Paddleboard Paradise: If you're itching to do more than just laze around, why not take a paddleboard or kayak out into the harbour? Drift along the gentle waves, and keep an eye out for some coastal treasures – from driftwood to playful seals, vivid kingfishers, and a bounty of coastal flora and fauna. It's nature's own theatre, and you've got front-row seats!
  3. Crabbing Craze: Remember those carefree days of childhood when the smallest of activities brought the biggest of joys? Recreate those moments with a bit of crabbing. Settle on the pontoon with your crabbing lines, and let's see who can reel in the most impressive catch. Our little secret? Old bacon makes some fantastic bait!
  4. Cornish Creamery Dreams: As the sun gets a tad too hot, head over to the Winklepicker for a refreshing treat. We're talking creamy, dreamy Cornish ice creams that'll set your taste buds on a jive. And as you enjoy those cold scoops, it's sandcastle-building time!
  5. St Saviours Sunset: And, as the golden hour approaches, take a serene walk up to St Saviours Point. It's the perfect spot for a Cornish sundowner. Take a moment to soak in the amber hues of the setting sun, with the gentle sea breeze playing with your hair.

And to cap off this perfect day? Well, what's more British seaside than a hearty takeaway of fish and chips? Dive into crispy, golden bites, and celebrate a week well-spent in Polruan.

A Botanical Bonanza - Eden and Heligan

Day 8 in Polruan: A Botanical Bonanza - Eden and Heligan

Hey green thumbs and nature lovers! Ready to wrap your senses around some of Cornwall's most awe-inspiring botanical wonders? Day 8 is all about getting lost (in a good way!) amidst the lush greenery of the Eden Project and the Lost Gardens of Heligan. Grab your sun hat, a bit of SPF, and your camera - let's leaf our way through this green day out!

  1. Eden Project Extravaganza: First stop, the world-famous Eden Project! Now, if you've ever dreamed of wandering through steamy jungles or strolling amidst olive groves without ever leaving the UK, Eden's got you sorted. Dive deep into the realms of the tropical and Mediterranean biomes, and let yourself be transported to faraway lands. And oh, pro tip: Eden isn't just about plants. Do sneak a peek at their events calendar. From toe-tapping music to intriguing workshops, there's always something groovy going on.
  2. Hidden Treasures at Heligan: Got a bit more spring in your step after Eden? Brilliant! It's off to the Lost Gardens of Heligan we go. 'Lost' might be in the name, but trust me, every corner of this place is a delightful find. Stretching over 200 acres, Heligan is like Mother Nature's own playground. It's a mosaic of ancient woodlands, vibrant gardens, and whispering farmlands. And for the kiddos (or the young at heart), there's plenty of nooks and crannies to explore, secret gardens to uncover, and - yup, you guessed it - a whole bunch of energy to burn off!

Wrapping up Day 8, as we head back to our cosy corner in Polruan, let the memories of today's green escapades leaf an ever-lasting imprint. (Okay, enough with the plant puns!) But seriously, as the sun sets on this botanical day, we can't help but feel a wee bit more connected to the magic that is Mother Earth. Sleep well, adventurers, for the morrow brings another day of Cornish wonders!

The Lansallos Lowdown

Day 9 in Polruan: The Lansallos Lowdown

Alright, my fellow explorers! As we near the end of our Cornish adventures, I have another treat in store for Day 9. If you're up for discovering some lesser-known spots of Cornwall, and feeling a bit like a treasure hunter, then Lansallos is where we're heading today. Let’s dive right in!

  1. Lansallos Beach: Okay, first things first: this isn't your typical bustling, sun-lounger-packed beach. Lansallos is more of a serene, tucked-away kind of beach. From the National Trust car park in the quaint little hamlet, it’s just a breezy 1-mile walk to reach this slice of coastal heaven. Pack your picnic basket, a good book and enjoy a relaxed day, dipping your toes in the water and feeling the sun on your face. When you’re ready to leave, there’s a scenic round loop walk that'll lead you right back to where you started.
  2. The Energetic Route: For those with a little more pep in their step (or just looking to work off those pasties), how about a scenic trek on the South West Coastal Path to get to Lansallos? The views are spectacular and make every step worthwhile. For those in your crew not feeling the hike, a pick-up service (aka the less energetic fam members with a car) at the beach is a solid plan!
  3. A Dip into History at St Ildierna's Church: Now, while the beach is all kinds of wonderful, the historic charm of Lansallos doesn’t end there. Take a short detour to St Ildierna's Church, Lansallos. This 16th-century gem is brimming with stories. And a little insider tip? The graveyard boasts some incredibly intriguing tombstones linked to smugglers of yore.

Wrapping up Day 9, Lansallos has shown us that sometimes, the most enchanting places are those lesser-sung spots that aren’t splashed all over postcards. Here’s to hidden gems and the adventures they bring! Sleep tight, for tomorrow might just whisk us off to another Cornish delight. Cheers! 🌊🌿

Row, Row, Row Your Kayak

Day 10 in Polruan: Row, Row, Row Your Kayak

Hello again, adventure seekers! For those who've been following our journey, welcome back to another Cornish day packed with adventure, fresh air, and the ebb and flow of the tides. Day 10 beckons us to the waters again, but this time, we're diving deeper into the river paths and witnessing the quieter corners of Cornwall. Let's see what Day 10 has in store!

  1. Kayak Adventures: If you're feeling both strong and strategic, grab those paddles and embark on a kayaking adventure on the river. Time the tides just right, and you can paddle upriver to the Fisherman's Arms at Golant. And if you're really up for a challenge and brimming with energy, why stop there? Go all the way to the Ship Inn at Lerryn! The ebb and flow of the river, the gentle splash of your paddle, and the serene surroundings will make for an unforgettable journey. And here's a little tip for the wise: if you plan your expedition right, you can make the most of the outgoing tide for your return trip. Imagine cruising back with the gentle aid of the tide, making your journey back to Boatman's Steps all the more relaxing.
  2. A Warm Welcome in Polruan: Once back on dry land, it's time to reward those muscles and warm those bones. Head straight to Jam First cafe in Polruan and order yourself a sumptuous hot chocolate. As the warm liquid melts away the chill, find yourself a cosy spot to watch the experts at the boatyard. There's something oddly therapeutic about watching them work on their latest fishing boat repairs – a mix of craftsmanship, tradition, and the gentle hum of the coastal community.

Wrapping up Day 10, it's evident that Cornwall isn't just about its majestic cliffs and sandy beaches. It's also about the serenity of its rivers, the craftsmanship of its people, and the adventures that lie in every nook and cranny. With that, take a moment to breathe in the salty air, soak in the last rays of the day, and get ready for what tomorrow might bring. Cheers to Day 10! 🛶🌊🍫

Meandering in Mevagissey

Day 11 in Polruan: Meandering in Mevagissey

Greetings from Cornwall once again, fellow explorers! Day 11 beckons with the promise of new shores, tales from the past, and of course, a journey across the waters. Today, we'll explore Mevagissey, a small and charming village with a history as rich as its name. From boat rides to stories of Irish saints, there's a lot to discover on this day. So, let’s dive in!

  1. Sail to Mevagissey: The day begins with a boat ride, a 45-minute journey from Fowey that takes you straight to the heart of Mevagissey. As you approach, let the sight of the terraced houses, bobbing boats, and narrow streets transport you to a bygone era.
  2. Delving into History: Mevagissey isn’t just about picturesque views; it's a village steeped in history. Named after two Irish saints, St Meva and St Issey, its roots trace back to the early 14th century. As you wander through its lanes, imagine a time in the 1800s when Mevagissey flourished, thanks to the abundant pilchards that the fishermen caught. Each corner of this village has a story to tell, from tales of seafarers to legends of saints. So, take your time to soak it all in.
  3. Spanish Sojourn in Fowey: After a day of exploration, head back to Fowey. But before you return to Polruan, make a pit stop at Pinxto. Here's a little surprise for you - even in the heart of Cornwall, you can experience a slice of Spain! Order a sherry and some padron peppers, and let the flavours whisk you away to Spanish shores. The perfect pre-dinner aperitif, wouldn't you agree?
  4. A Culinary Finale at Boatman’s: To round off the day, head back to Polruan and treat yourself to yet another delightful meal at Boatman’s. As you relish your meal, reminisce about the day's adventures, the stories you’ve heard, and the sights you've seen.

That's Day 11 for you – a beautiful blend of history, picturesque views, and a touch of Spanish flair. Rest well, for tomorrow brings new adventures. Until then, cheers from Cornwall! 🌊🚢🍷🌶️